Welcome to The Apple Tree Market Online

Located on Amsterdam Avenue, across from Columbia University, Apple Tree Market has been serving the local residents, students and staff for over 15 years.  Privately owned and operated, Apple Tree Market continues to provide quality grocery, convenience products at the best pricing available.

Mission Statement and Values

Apple Tree Market understands the lifestyle needs of our clientèle.  We provide products and services quality, diversity, and competitive pricing. We provide an interactive shopping experience on all levels, especially sight, smell and taste. We are an innovative company that:

  • Takes care of the customer, whatever it takes.
  • Values our employees' talents and skills.
  • Is known for integrity in all of our work.

The Apple Tree Markets 'Core' Values

The Apple Tree Market has established the following core values as our accepted principles or standards of behavior for our organization.

  1. Trust
    We act with integrity. We live up to our commitments, take responsibility and are consistent in word and action.
  2. Open Communication
    We interact with our customers openly and directly. We believe customer service is the key to our business success.
  3. Teamwork
    We focus on team goals and work with each other to collective bring a higher standard of product and service then could be achieved working as individuals.
  4. Passion for our Customers
    We are a customer-driven company that views every single customer contact as an opportunity to enhance our relationship. We engage in fair and honest business practices and use impact on customers as the barometer in decision-making. 
  5. Mutual Respect
    We create a respectful and meaningful workplace, characterized by honest, direct and relevant communication. We honor diversity and individuality as well as personal and professional differences.
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